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Ane Crabtree sketches Sex costumes

Ane Crabtree, Masters of Sex's costume designer, wants the show's looks to transcend the past and present.

Ane Crabtree works with the 32-year-old actress on the popular drama, which has been nominated for three Emmy Awards this year.

Sometimes the designer gets hit by inspiration in the most unusual places.

“Being a costume designer, you can be selfless and do whatever is needed for the actors and directors," she explained to WWD.

"Then there are moments of extreme selfishness, where I sketch something on a napkin at breakfast that I want for Lizzy. I will take that to the tailor, and he says, ‘Madam, you should have that as well.’”

The show is set in the early '60s, which means there are feminine dresses and crisp suits on show. Ane explained what she tries to achieve with Masters of Sex's wardrobe.

“What I want is for the viewer to identify with characters so much that they don’t feel the separation between past or present, there is something so classic about their [style],” she said.

The first episode of the second season premiered yesterday. The emphasis is on footwear.

“We love to be absolutely realistic head to toe, with late ’50s to early ’60s period attire. Our favourite footwear looks were always the most delicate. And when shooting in Los Angeles, it was 90 degrees and shoes would disintegrate. Actors wore their shoes for 12 to 18 hours," Ane revealed.

She added that high heels and platforms weren't around during that time, so she's relying on flatter pumps by Calvin Klein and shoes by Nine West.

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