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Angelina Jolie has 'radiant' tan

Angelina Jolie focuses on "adding luminosity" to her skin which makes her look "radiant", according to a top tanning expert.

James Read lends his tanning skills to a whole host of glamorous stars, including Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton.

The expert says Hollywood beauty Angelina is the perfect advocate for natural-looking fake tanning.

"Angelina focuses on adding luminosity to her skin, and this subtle tan makes her look radiant," he told more! magazine. "It's a big trend in Hollywood at the moment."

Despite favouring Angelina's subtle complexion, James is also a fan of Mariah Carey's more statement tan. He thinks the deeper tones compliment her skin perfectly.

"I love a vibrant tan, and Mariah's intense American colour really adds a warmth to her skin," he explained.

James also tends to the tan of British beauty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. He says the stunning 24-year-old's colour is bang on-trend.

"Rosie's 70s tan has been a huge hit this year. It's golden and very natural-looking," he explained.

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