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Angelina Jolie helped to create Maleficent costumes

Angelina Jolie contributed to the design of Maleficent's outfits, working closely with lead costume designer Anna Sheppard.

The Hollywood star's turn as the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty hits cinema screens later this month, with Angelina donning the full iconic horned costume made famous in the 1959 Disney movie.

The film's lead costume designer Anna Sheppard worked closely with the actress to make sure the look was perfect, and says creating the villainous outfits were more enjoyable than making the lighter costumes worn by the film's heroes.

"[I preferred creating the costumes for] the dark Angelina. I think a bad person never looked so beautiful before. She looks absolutely amazing," Anna revealed to Cover Media.

"[Angelina's input was a] big one. 150 percent of Angelina was there involved in the creation of the designs."

Anna's team worked hard to create costumes that would be instantly recognisable from the original animated film, but also were able to use a creative license when it came to adding to Angelina's wardrobe.

Aside from the long black cape and horned headpiece worn by the Disney baddie, Anna also added winged creations and softer floor-length dresses.

"We started the prep for this film ten weeks before the first day of shoot, and I met Angelina like eight weeks before the shoot and we started from scratch. And everyone expected one costume because everyone remembers the animated character and we created eight.

"It was blood, sweat and tears I have to say," Anna laughed. "And I had a lot of help from my creative team, which were magnificent because this is a huge movie apart from her costume."

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