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Anna Friel amazed by fake lashes

Anna Friel was instantly wowed when she was introduced to individual fake lashes.

The British actress is famed for her natural beauty, and normally sticks to the same make-up routine.

However, Anna says learning new beauty techniques always gets her excited, especially when it comes to eye make-up.

"I think being introduced to individual fake lashes about six years ago was an eye-opening revelation too - I thought, 'Now, these are fantastic!'" she quipped in an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph.

Anna insists that day-to-day she prefers a more bare-faced look though.

"I can't wear too much black make-up around my eyes as it makes them look smaller," she added.

Anna claims appearing in movies has done wonders for her make-up knowledge, explaining all her "best beauty inspiration" has come from film and photo sets.

"My favourite beauty style comes from a 1920s-inspired shoot I once did in America. It was all about a really clear palette - perfectly sculpted cheekbones, red lips and big, big eyes," she explained.

"It was also on set that I learnt about essential oils after being handed some rosehip oil by a make-up artist. I'm now a massive aromatherapy fan and used rosehip oil all through my pregnancy - it does everything."

The 37-year-old star also takes inspiration from the silver screen beauties before her. Anna makes sure she sticks to her daily skincare regime, even if it is uncomfortable.

"But my all-time best piece of on-set advice is dunking your face in a sinkful of ice and, as horrible as it sounds, I splash my face with cold water every morning when I get out of bed," she said. "All the old movie stars used to do it!"

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