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Saturday 19 April 2014

Anna Friel: Grow old gracefully

Anna Friel

Anna Friel thinks the best way to keep skin youthful is to "slather on" serum.

The actress is known for her glowing complexion and youthful looks, which she shows off on the big screen in films such as The Look of Love.

Anna acknowledges how difficult it is to live up to Hollywood ideals, but thinks women should embrace the ageing process.

"The pressure on women is massive," the 37-year-old admitted to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"We are living longer and the pressure to look younger is all there - but it's what happens. It's important to grow old gracefully."

The star is always jet-setting thanks to her busy work schedule.

Luckily Anna has ways to keep her complexion looking fabulous, even after the longest flights.

"Firstly, take off all your make-up before you fly and cover your skin in serum," she advised.

"I really like Trilogy's Co Q10 Booster serum - I just really think it helps the skin. I slather it on during flights and I like the Hydrating Mist Toner as well - it refreshes and hydrates at the same time."

Hollywood stars are known for their gorgeous, camera-ready skin.

However, Anna relies on simple tips rather than bank-breaking beauty products.

"Start your morning with a sink full of ice," she shared.

"As horrible as it sounds, when you get out of bed, splash cold water on your face and keep splashing for a minute - all the old movie stars used to do it."

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