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Anna Friel: Make-up should match hair

Anna Friel always takes her hair colour into consideration when choosing a foundation.

The British actress has dyed her tresses many different colours over the years. She found each required a different shade of make-up, with means the tones she puts on her face are always changing.

"Always match your skin tone with the colour of your hair," she told British magazine Look. "When I had red hair I made sure I used a paler foundation. In fact, I think I just used a light tinted moisturiser instead. If I can't see my freckles I know the foundation is too thick."

Anna also takes her other cosmetics into consideration when making up her face. Red lipstick means she reaches for a foundation with an orange undertone, rather than a blue one.

On the whole she likes face make-up and concealer from Max Factor and skips powder as she doesn't think it adds anything to her look.

The 36-year-old star feels lucky because her skin has never been problematic. She doesn't have a secret when it comes to her porcelain face, insisting she just drinks a lot of water and eats well. Anna also ensures she is in bed early enough to get some good rest and doesn't go into the sun without protection.

"About as much as any woman does," she replied, when asked if she worries about ageing. "I think you have to learn to accept that you do get lines, you do age and that the lines on your face actually are a part of you, which tell the story of your life."

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