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Anna Friel: Vintage shops cheer me up

Anna Friel likes to check out vintage stores whenever she visits a new city.

The actress claims that shopping for retro clothing is something that helps her to relax when dieting. The star is a known follower of alternative cleansing diets, which replace solid foods with liquids for a period of time.

“I went to Bath recently and I was on this maple syrup cleanse so I could only drink herbal tea, but there was this vintage shop so it made me feel better about being deprived,” Anna explained in an interview with Grazia.

The petite actress has an impressive wardrobe to show for her love of fashion. Anna’s passion for vintage clothing happened by chance while filming television series Pushing Daises in Los Angeles.

“We visited the costumiers that have been supping the Warner Bros. Studios since 1910. It really inspired me. My first ever piece was an Edwardian lace dress that I still have,” Anna said.

It’s not only vintage that catches the star's eye. Anna is also a fan of more modern designers, including Céline, Victoria Beckham, and Lanvin.

The 36-year-old is currently dating fellow actor Rhys Ifans and has seven-year-old Gracie from a previous relationship. The actress is collecting her wardrobe with the hopes to pass it on to her daughter.

“Gracie is getting to that point where she’ll go and look in my closet and she loves rooting through my jewellery boxes. She likes anything shiny. I want to save all of my clothes and shoes for her. That’s the point of it and makes it all worthwhile,” Anna explained.

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