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AnnaSophia Robb raises style expectations

AnnaSophia Robb always gets excited when she finds shoes that fit as her feet are so small.

The actress plays Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries, a TV prequel to Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker made the role famous in the original series and Carrie was renowned for her high-fashion attire.

AnnaSophia is thrilled to have the opportunity to wear so many exciting pieces on set, although it's affected her shopping habit off camera.

"I love shoe shopping! I could do it all day. But I have such small feet, it's really hard to find shoes that fit. When I actually do find ones that work, I always buy them and get very excited!" she laughed to the latest edition of Company magazine. "I have to say I don't love shopping for clothes, I'm so used to having a tailor on set so everything fits perfectly, When I shop I'm like, 'Oh, this doesn't fit right.'"

Although the 19-year-old star is picky about the way pieces look, she doesn't only buy designer items. There are several lower-priced stores she enjoys shopping at.

"Topshop is the bomb!" she enthused. "A lot of my wardrobe comes from there. My old apartment was right by the New York Soho branch. The only problem is it's so crowded and I don't like the queues."

Last month, AnnaSophia's fashion credentials were cemented when she was confirmed as the latest face of US young person's clothing line Bongo.

"I feel like The Carrie Diaries fans and the Bongo fans are one and the same, so it's cool to be able to reach out to both," she said at the time.

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