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AnnaSophia Robb thrilled with Carrie costumes

AnnaSophia Robb loved "playing dress-up every day" as the young Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City prequel.

The actress confessed that the part she loved most about filming The Carrie Diaries was wearing the fabulous '80s wardrobe chosen by Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman.

The 19-year-old will show off the outfits chosen for the young Carrie when the highly anticipated series premieres in the US later this week.

"It was like playing dress-up every day!" AnnaSophia gushed to British magazine Look. "Carrie's wardrobe is every girl's dream. I had so much fun, I loved every minute of it."

The man responsible for the show's wardrobe has discussed how he tackled the challenge of dressing the young fashionista. Just as audiences fell in love with Carrie's iconic accessories in Sex and the City - where Sarah Jessica Parker portrayed the character - he believes viewers will find themselves obsessing over the must-have items this time around.

"I'm interested to see how people react to the bag she makes. I hope we see girls creating their own personalised bags," Eric told Teen Vogue. "She makes lemonade from lemons and turns it into this great fashion piece. Hopefully that will be inspirational to girls. I want people to take away from it that fashion should be fun and individual. That's what Carrie Bradshaw embodies! There's also the C pendant which is a precursor to the Carrie nameplate, of course. That's a little subtle moment, that Alex Woo C necklace. "

Although Carrie isn't a slave to '80s trends in the series, there are some decade staples which can clearly be seen in the character's style.

"There are definitely some scrunchies, some layered plastic bracelets. We're playing around more with accessories than we did with the original Carrie Bradshaw. It's subtle but cute things like fruit earrings and big apple brooches, not like the knee highs or legwarmers," Eric teased. "She's also wearing quite a few pairs of Keds. It could be like, 'Whoa, Carrie Bradshaw's wearing Keds!' But it's appropriate for her age."

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