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Anne Hathaway: Catwoman costume is cool

Anne Hathaway thinks her Catwoman costume is "pretty cool", despite it's somewhat unforgiving fit.

The gorgeous actress recently opened up about what it was like wearing the iconic costume in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Anne sang the praises of her form-fitting catsuit, which had been specially designed for her.

"Yes it was tight but I didn't find it particularly uncomfortable," she told the Kyle and Jackie O show. "It was flexible as I had to do so many stunts in it. It was a process getting into it.

"Of the days I worked on the movie, less than half was spent wearing the suit. I concentrated on enjoying wearing it, I think it's pretty cool!"

The latex design Anne fell in love with wearing had been modified for comfort since it was first worn. The star was thankful that the alterations assisted with bathroom breaks while filming.

"There were provisions made in the suit for wearing it that there hadn't been in the first Batman," she revealed. "They designed it differently. I was thankful for that!"

The star also gushed about her enjoyment in making the film despite the gruelling schedule.

"It was long but you know if I never work on any other films again form the rest of my life and this was all I had done then I would be satisfied and happy," she smiled.

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