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Anne Hathaway: I've quit shopping

Anne Hathaway has sworn off shopping as she "needs nothing".

The actress' priorities have changed since she got married to Adam Shulman earlier this year.

The 30-year-old star re-evaluated her life while she was on her honeymoon and realised how content she was with things exactly as they are.

"I looked at my life when I was on my honeymoon, which was gorgeous, and I thought, I need nothing," Anne told the US edition of Glamour magazine. "I'm not buying myself a single thing for the rest of this year."

The Oscar-nominated beauty famously slimmed down for her role in upcoming movie Les Misérables. Posing in her underwear, a Monrow tank top and Clover Canyon briefs for the Alexei Hay cover shot for the publication, Anne shows off her toned physique which is the result of her 25lbs. weight loss.

Inside the magazine, she swaps her sporty and sassy cover look for a chic and glamorous bright yellow Alexander McQueen gown that again shows off her fabulous figure. Anne followed a vegan diet to lose weight for the role and has discussed which food she now does and doesn't eat.

"I don't go the soy-meat route; I have a really plant-based diet," she said. "So I wind up cooking at home a lot. Kale is amazing. Spelt [a kind of wheat] pasta is amazing. I can't do the white-flour stuff. It makes me really ill."

The actress is shy about her success. The star is being tipped for an Oscar after critics hailed her performance in the upcoming Les Misérables film as spectacular. Anne can't help blushing when she is complimented and was flattered when America's President Obama called her the "best thing" in The Dark Knight Rises.

"I'm a blusher, and just being inches from him, I went scarlet from the tips of my toes to the tops of my ears," Anne laughed.

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