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Ansel Elgort’s four day outfit

Ansel Elgort went from slob to dapper at this year’s Academy Awards.

The Fault in Our Stars actor presented an award at the annual ceremony and looked dapper in a Prada suit. But the 21-year-old admits he spent the days before the red carpet in the same clothes after he forgot to pack some essentials.

“Everyone makes fun of me because I'll go places with only a change of clothes and my computer. I even forgot to pack for the Oscars, and my friends thought that was so absurd,” he confessed to Teen Vogue. “I put what I wanted to wear on my bed and didn't remember to place it in my suitcase. I was in L.A. for four days, and every day leading up to the ceremony I wore the same thing, and I smelled so bad.”

Ansel even went hiking in his one outfit and got covered in dirt, but it didn’t stop him from wearing it. Thankfully a stylist came to his rescue and smartened him up for his big night.

“The day of the Oscars, I go from looking like a slob to wearing a gorgeous Prada suit. It's like living in two different worlds,” he added. “But I don't care. I was fine! I would just go down to the hotel pool in my underwear.”

Ansel is currently filming the next instalment of the Divergent series, Allegiant: Part 1, in Atlanta, Georgia. But despite being based there for a few weeks, he still doesn’t have a big suitcase with him.

“I have a little one with a few changes of clothes. If I'm lucky, I can get someone to help me with laundry,” he laughed.

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