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Antonio Banderas: Beard changed my aura

Antonio Banderas says a beard he grew for a movie role gave him "a whole new aura".

Starring as government official Rodrigo in action thriller Haywire, the Spanish actor cultivated an upper lip mustache and a so-called "soul patch" below his bottom lip.

The Hollywood hunk says the facial hair made his transformation into the character complete.

But he added that it wasn't always easy to live with.

"Some nights, I couldn't even sleep because the beard was so nasty. But I like the change. A beard like this changes everything," he told German magazine In. "You act differently, move differently. I had the feeling it gave me a whole new aura. The funny thing is that most people didn't recognise me anymore."

Antonio has sported different looks throughout his career, from smooth skin to rugged stubble. The actor doesn't mind whether the old-fashioned style he sported in Haywire made him look more mature.

"I don't care if I look older with it. I don't care for such things at all," he added.


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