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Antonio Berardi: Dress to impress at NYE

Antonio Berardi advises women to show off their "best asset" on New Year's Eve.

The fashion designer loves the festive period as it is the one time of year when people go to town with their outfits.

He loves seeing women in colourful dresses with sparkle and glitter on them and has discussed the best way to get noticed at the end of year parties.

"Always concentrate on your best asset, be it décolletage , legs or derrière. This will always be your centre of attention regardless of your body shape, and will define your style in the future," he explained.

The designer gave another valuable tip. Although he loves fancy dressing, Antonio warned it's easy to take things a step too far.

He warned women should think again before strapping on glitzy high-heels.

"Statement dressing means a subtle shoe. If your outfit is powerful, your shoe should be a compliment," he said.

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