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Antonio Berardi: Try colours

Antonio Berardi advises women to "go for something colourful" this season.

The designer has given his top tips for keeping outfits chic and elegant throughout the holiday period.

Antonio insisted that colours need to be festive and has warned women to avoid black.

"Tis, the season to be jolly, so go for something colourful as opposed to black," he told British publication The Telegraph. "Black is a staple, but something jewel-like is a statement."

The British designer also recommended doing away with necklaces.

He revealed that a statement pair of earrings can be just as dramatic and much more flattering.

"Never fight your neckline with jewellery," he warned. "Forget the necklace and wear earrings instead, 18th century if possible, as a chic alternative. A flash of something beautiful is always good, so if you choose to wear long earrings, you can keep your hair down."

Antonio encourages his customers to perfect all the elements of their party wear.

This includes wearing beautiful underwear and a unique fragrance.

"Always dress from the inside out, because, you never know!" he laughed. "That means sublime underwear. As for perfume, layer your signature scent with a light cologne, to make it more subtle. People will remember that it smells of you."

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