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Ariana: Ditching the ponytail?

Ariana Grande has teased she might swap her signature half-ponytail for an entirely new look.

The 21-year-old singer posted a picture of what could be a new look on Tuesday night via her Instagram account.

In the black and white frame, she is seen with a fringe and short hair thanks to a Sixties style wig.

“Whattttttttt iffffff #heymamawelcometothe60s (sic),” Ariana captioned the frame.

It seemed as if the young star was enjoying the freedom of wearing a wig. However, the Break Free hitmaker previously admitted she prefers to stick to the looks she knows rather than changing her much-loved hair.

“Never! Not on your life,” Ariana told British magazine Now when asked if she’d go for the chop. “I'm so scared of that. It took me forever to regrow my healthy hair after it got really broken and damaged on [her former Nickelodeon sitcom] Victorious because I had to dye it red all the time. Only just now is my hair 100 per cent healthy and I don't have to wear as many extensions any more. So the thought of cutting it literally makes me shiver.”

Since shooting to fame, Ariana has inspired millions of teenage girls to try and copy her look by wearing their hair in half up, half down styles.

But the star said in the interview that she doesn’t understand why her ‘do is considered revolutionary.

"It's weird to me because the reason behind my half-ponytail is to keep it off my face," she said. "But I appreciate that, especially since I got so much heat for it at first. People were like, 'Why won't she get rid of that damn hair?' I was like, 'Um well, it's convenient and I hope there's more to me than just my hair.'"

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