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Ariana Grande perplexed by hair lessons

Ariana Grande would never change her hairstyle as she likes how convenient it is.

The American singer has shed her Disney image over the last few years, preferring a raunchier look.

But while her style has evolved, her hair remains the same and she is synonymous with wearing her locks half up.

"It's weird to me because the reason behind my half-ponytail is to keep it off my face," Ariana said when British magazine Now told her about the internet hair lessons. "But I appreciate that, especially since I got so much heat for it at first. People were like, 'Why won't she get rid of that damn hair?' I was like, 'Um well, it's convenient and I hope there's more to me than just my hair.'"

Ariana rose to fame playing teen star Cat Valentine in Disney show Victorious, where her hair was bright red. She has no plans to change the colour again and admits the thought of a new hairdo scares her.

"Never! Not on your life. I'm so scared of that. It took me forever to regrow my healthy hair after it got really broken and damaged on Victorious because I had to dye it red all the time. Only just now is my hair 100 per cent healthy and I don't have to wear as many extensions any more. So the thought of cutting it literally makes me shiver," she shuddered.

As well as dominating the charts, the 21-year-old is prolific on social media. She's a big fan of taking selfies and uploads hundreds to her Instagram account - although she can't pinpoint her favourite photo filter.

"I don't know! The iPhone filters sometimes - I like black and white. I'm a black and white kinda girl," she said.

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