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Ariana Grande unsure of fashion status

Ariana Grande finds it hard to embrace the "visual" side of her career.

The 21-year-old singer has made the transition from a young star on Nickelodeon show Victorious to a sultry pop diva with hits such as Problem, which features Iggy Azalea.

Part of the job is switching up her image, with Ariana sporting an array of tiny outfits in her music videos and on stage. And while she looks amazing, the gorgeous brunette says it's been a struggle to embrace that side of the industry.

“I don’t feel confident in my sexuality - or in my fashion,” she sighed to the New York Daily News. “It’s just not in my mind. I think of music first. I want people to listen instead of look and judge.”

Ariana has just released the video for her latest track Break Free. In it she dons a tiny futuristic leotard and knee-high platform boots in which she fights extra terrestrials on an alien planet.

It's certainly a provocative getup - and something the starlet is slowly trying to get to grips with.

“The visual part is a big part of this job,” she admitted. “If I thought it would be all music that would be a bit crazy.

“It’s been a hard thing to embrace the visuals. But I’ll have to get used to it.”

One thing Ariana has embraced is the trend for taking selfies and sharing them with her fans. However, she hates it when people post them under false pretences.

“Everybody makes up these ridiculous captions for their selfies that have nothing to do with the picture, like, ‘Layin’ in bed on Saturday.’ It’s like, No, you are not! You just spent an hour getting ready for this picture!" she recently fumed to Seventeen magazine. "We all post a selfie for the same reason - because we feel better about ourselves than usual. So just be like, 'Hey, I feel good about myself today, so here’s a picture!'”

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