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Ariana: My style's always changing

Ariana Grande thinks her style has "evolved a little".

The 21-year-old singer has had one of the biggest years of her career with hits including Problem, Break Free and Bang Bang with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. As her music progresses so does her wardrobe, with the star admitting she's changed style with every music video she's made.

"It's evolved a little. I don't wear frilly tutu dresses. I can't really stand that stuff anymore," she told Very magazine. "But I liked the short go-go dresses and the sweater and boots combo for when I was doing the Problem single. Then I shifted towards cute little underwear space-type vibes for Break Free and now I'm into this knee-length pencil skirt and crop top bralet thing for Love Me Harder."

When she isn't in her stage costumes, Ariana's off-duty outfit consists of high-waisted jeans, a crop top and heels. As for her hair, she likes to rock her trademark ponytail but she does find it weird how obsessed people are with it.

"'Funny' is the word," she laughed. "I never thought that switching up my hair would be such a big deal. But whatever fascinates people."

The former Nickelodeon star also took the opportunity to address the way past teen stars are treated as they start to grow up. Ariana admits she finds it weird when people are surprised that she doesn't wear girls' clothes any more.

"Especially when they told me for so long that I looked like a kid and I should stop looking like a kid," she sighed. "I was like 'Well I dress how I want to dress'. So now I'm ready to look like a woman, it's all of a sudden not OK. So, you know, it's all a matter of doing what you want without worrying what other people have to say about it. What other people think of you isn't really your business anyway."

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