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Armie Hammer a treat for costume designer

The Lone Ranger's costume designer Penny Rose was exited to work alongside "handsome" Armie Hammer on the film.

The 26-year-old actor stars as the title character in the new film adaptation of The Lone Ranger.

Penny Rose, the movie's styling professional, says designing for such an iconic character was thrilling, especially because it involved dressing Armie.

"I just started from scratch to be honest. When they cast Armie Hammer, that tells me a lot because he's a handsome young man, six foot six," she explained in an interview with

"I hope we have created the 2013 iconic Lone Ranger, because he's different. He doesn't bare any resemblance to the original television version. Even our mask is a new and improved mask in every way. The two things are like chalk and cheese."

The Lone Ranger is famed for wearing a face covering. Penny has revealed the process of designing such a prop, explaining the costume department were keen to put a different spin on it for Armie's turn as the ex-Texas Ranger.

"Joel Harlow, the make-up designer, has to take all the credit for the mask. Instead of using a kind of joke shop Halloween mask, we have a mask that's moulded to his face. There was obviously a lot of discussion about a long action movie with an actor whose face you hardly ever see, so it was a complex and involved process because we wanted it to be sexy and attractive," she smiled.

Johnny Depp stars as Tonto in the movie. Penny has previously worked with the Hollywood hunk on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and says collaborating with the star again was a "great pleasure".

Penny revealed how long it took to transform Johnny into the Native American companion of The Lone Ranger.

"Some days an hour, some days a bit longer. If he was working consecutive days, I don't think they took it all off, so the next day they kind of had to go over it rather than start from the beginning," she explained.

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