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Arnie: I don't do big breakfasts

Arnold Schwarzenegger prefers to get his protein later in the day, rather than overloading at breakfast.

The muscle man, famed for roles like the Terminator, started his career as a body builder. Moving from his native Austria to Hollywood at 21, Arnold went on to achieve his dream of movie stardom.

At 67 he's still one of the biggest built action stars around.

"I don't like to eat heavy in the morning. I get plenty of protein later in the day," he told Muscle & Fitness magazine after sitting down with them to a breakfast of oatmeal and fruit.

His tame meal followed an intense workout, during the filming of the latest Terminator instalment, Genisys.

Arnold's daily fitness routine involves quick reps, where he takes barely any rest between sets. He also likes to work every part of his body, even his calves.

Machines like the seated row, shoulder press and squat rack are all utilised.

Speaking to People magazine recently, Arnold discussed how age doesn't impact how hard he trains.

"I felt that I should gain around 10lbs to get as close to possible as the body weight that I had in 1984 [when The Terminator came out]. I always stay in pretty good shape, [but] I stepped it up a notch to get to the body weight I needed to be.

“[It was like] riding a bicycle. You don't lose it. You don't forget. I made sure I continued on the same path so I'm not doing anything different that makes people feel like, 'Wait a minute, this isn't the same,'" he explained.

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