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Arterton's angelic hair halo

Gemma Arterton wishes she had curly hair.

The British actress has enviably glossy brunette locks and has revealed how she keeps them in top condition. Gemma prefers a low-key approach to haircare and relies on a few tried and tested products.

"I never have blow-dries - I'm a wash it-the-day before kind of girl! It always looks better after a few days anyway because it has more body. I apply Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue and then a bit more once it's dry. It gives me a shiny halo and because it's lightweight, it doesn't make my hair look greasy," she told the latest UK edition of Glamour magazine.

The 27-year-old beauty usually steps out into the spotlight with straight hair. Although she turned heads with her locks, she dreams of having naturally curls.

"I wish I had curly hair; I try to curl it myself with a barrel tong but it takes ages and drops easily!" Gemma laughed.

The star also shared details of her beauty regime ahead of high-profile events. Gemma likes to relax before she graces a red carpet, and always makes sure she is perfectly moisturised.

"I don't like to wear too much foundation, so I'll have a facial three days before an event - it's all organic and afterwards my skin looks amazing," she explained. "On the day, I like to be relaxed so I take my time; have a bath, light a candle, put on some music and have some time to myself, otherwise I don't feel or look good. And then I make sure I've moisturised from head to toe with argan oil because I get really dry skin. I sometimes have a manicure and pedicure too - I like to stick to a classic red or pink polish."

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