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Ashlee Simpson steals spouse's style

Ashlee Simpson and her husband Evan Ross may be creating a fashion line together.

The 30-year-old star tied the knot with Evan Ross in August and the couple are enjoying life as a married couple. They feel so comfortable around each other that Ashlee even slips into her spouse's clothes every now and then, sparking the idea of creating a joint fashion line.

"We're working on that, that's the truth," he told E! News, before admitting that he and Ashlee regularly swap clothes. "The truth is - I know it sounds crazy - but we wear a lot of the same clothes.

"She wears a lot of my pants and certain things and we switch up outfits a lot so... We had an idea, kind of, about a He + She = We and kind of an androgynous line would be really cool."

And it isn't just Ashlee who steals pieces that don't belong to her. Evan isn't afraid to admit he often rocks his wife's clothes too; even if they aren't clean.

"Well, usually the jackets are the ones that I'm like, 'No that's mine,'" he grinned. "But we always wear all each other's stuff. I wear her stuff too, so sometimes she's in my full outfit that I wore the day before and I'm in her full outfit, so it works out really nice."

Ashlee already has experience in fashion, helping her sister Jessica on her clothing range. She also revealed she is working on a tweed range earlier this year and opened up about her style; which is somewhat controlled by the fact that she's a mom to six-year-old son Bronx with her ex-husband Pete Wentz.

"I dress for comfort a lot of the time. I have a daily lifestyle of being a mom; I know I'm going to be picking up a 42-pound child, so sometimes heels don't make sense," she recently explained. "As far as going out, I like to go with my feeling. I definitely love that mod kind of look right now."

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