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Ashley Benson dreams of having Pretty Little Liars character's style

Ashley Benson loves her alter ego's grown-up style on the hit TV show.

Actress Ashley Benson wishes her own wardrobe was as "put together" as her Pretty Little Liars character's.

The 26-year-old plays Hanna Marin in the hit show, which has become a must-watch for fashionistas who love to see the fabulous outfits the stars are wearing.

Ashley has a lot of fun in the role, aided by the fact her alter ego's wardrobe is something she covets.

"There’s never really been one time that I’ve left a fitting or that I filmed a scene and I haven’t loved the outfit,” she told People magazine. “I think the one thing I do love is that I get to portray what I would love to look like outside of the show, on the show. So I’m in these outfits for like 12 to 16 hours a day. I’m like, 'I always look so cute and so put together on set. I would like to incorporate that into my real life'.”

However, one part of Hanna's wardrobe is a bit of a struggle for Ashley.

"She has more of a grown-up style, I want to say," she said. "But we get to play with a lot of designers and super cool dresses and skirts and amazing high heels, which I’m so bad at walking in.”

Aside from the heels, one thing Ashley and Hanna have in common is a love of jackets, with her character sporting an array of colourful numbers in different styles throughout the series.

“It’s fun ’cause, like me personally, I love leather jackets,” she added. "I have so many. And every time I go into fitting I’m like, 'I need this jacket! I need this jacket!' They’re so dope.”

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