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Ashley Greene competitive with exercise

Ashley Greene easily gets bored when she's exercising.

The Twilight star looked amazing in the vampire franchise, which involved a great deal of action scenes. She and her co-stars in the films, which included Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick, pushed themselves to keep things interesting while working out.

"For me, it’s always a variety. I get bored easily doing the same repetitive things," she admitted to

"We did circuit training at a gym while filming Twilight. We formed friendly competitions between the girls - who could do the most squats, or who could run the quickest mile. It put us in great shape and in a great place mentally."

Now that the films have ended, Ashley hasn't relaxed her exercise regime. The 27-year-old ran the Oakley New York Mini 10K in Central Park over the weekend and says keeping fit has always been part of her life.

"My brother and I were a year and a half apart and super close, which was why I was so tomboyish and athletic - I wanted to be like him!" she smiled.

"We grew up on a dirt road [in Jacksonville, Florida], so we were always outside climbing trees and running around. When he got into martial arts, I did too and really loved it. I also did competitive cheer and dance, swim team, dive team, and played volleyball for a year. And I surfed and played watersports. I tested everything out. Being active was ingrained in my DNA from my family. We had an hour of TV a day, and the rest of the time we had to go outside and entertain ourselves."

Ashley added that she eats a lot of chicken to stay healthy and that her top beauty tip is to remember sunscreen.

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