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Ashley Madekwe: Restaurant calories don't count

Ashley Madekwe rarely eats lunch because she’s too busy, so compensates with a larger evening meal. 

The British actress has become a big star in Hollywood thanks to hit TV shows Revenge and Salem.

While she eats a relatively healthy diet, Ashley doesn’t beat herself up if she’s having a bad food day – especially if she’s been to a nice restaurant.

“I have good intentions when dining out, but if it’s a celebration, the rule book goes out the window. Then I’ll go back to eating sensibly – I don’t believe in atoning for your dietary decisions,” she told Women’s Health magazine.

While a big dinner may be on the cards, the 33-year-old rarely finds time to eat lunch.

This means she’ll eat more food in the evening to make up for the missed calories.

“Because I’m so busy I don’t always find myself feeling hungry in the middle of the day, so I just grab something small and eat a hearty portion in the evening,” she explained.

Now based in the US, Ashley’s exercise regime reflects her surroundings and she tries to get outside as much as possible.

Her diet is rich in protein, fish and healthy green tea, and she’ll make sure she does some physical activity even on her off days.

“I try to walk or hike for an hour in my rest days. I have to force myself out of the car, but I do feel energised afterwards,” she laughed. “I never regret it. I feel sluggish without it.”

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