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Ashley Roberts admires Blake Lively's beauty look

Ashley Roberts is a fan of Gossip Girl Blake Lively's "natural" look.

The Gossip Girl star is particularly famed for her long blonde locks, which she often wears loose in beachy waves.

Former Pussycat Doll Ashley is a big fan of the actress' winning beauty look.

"Blake always looks amazing," she gushed to Britain's Very magazine.

"She looks kind of effortless and I like that she doesn't poof up her hair or put a bunch of lashes on. I like that there's still her own authentic self that you can see through the clothing. The clothing doesn't wear her, she wears it."

Ashley's other style icon is Nicole Richie, who the star admits she googles to get outfit inspiration.

It seems to be working, as the 32-year-old always looks stunning when she steps out on the red carpet.

The dancer-and-singer makes sure she sticks to certain rules when dressing herself.

"One thing I don't do is a short skirt with a tube top," she revealed.

"I don't like tube-top dresses at all. They suit some people but it's not my thing."

When it comes to fashion, Ashley admires Rihanna who is known for picking risqué pieces.

The pretty blonde also likes to have a bit of an edge to her wardrobe.

"I always like to have a good piece of leather," she said.

"Whether it's a leather biker jacket or a pair of leather trousers or a leather skirt, I love a good piece of leather in my wardrobe."

Ashley added that she loves dressing for summer and that she keeps her body in shape by drinking water, exercising and eating "clean".

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