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Ashley Roberts: Give me more Mexican treats!

Ashley Roberts likes feeling healthy and strong after a workout at the gym.

The former Pussycat Doll has an amazing figure thanks to her dancing background. And while she works out regularly, she doesn't always eat as healthily as she could, especially when it comes to one cuisine in particular.

"Always Mexican food. Nachos with all the goods on it. A burrito, an enchilada, taquitos. Oh my God, I love Mexican food," she confessed to British OK! magazine when asked about her food weakness. "I like a bit of balance and I think that you should be allowed to have cheat days or cheat meals. I do try to eat really clean, I feel better when I have good fuel in my body."

The 33-year-old needs to eat right because of all the exercise she does. The star regularly attends circuit training and spinning sessions and really enjoys it.

"They work all over and there's a lot of body weight [resistance] and lunges, ropes, kettlebells and rowing," she explained. "I love the way I feel afterwards and I like the results! I like feeling healthy and strong and it makes me feel a lot more confident. You never walk away from working out and think, 'Why did I do that?' You're like 'Yeah, man, I can eat a cheese sandwich later and feel great!'"

Despite feeling pretty confident with her body, Ashley does admits there're parts of her figure that she would like to improve.

"I still have places on my body where I'm like damn, I wish my a**e still looked like it did when I was 15," she laughed. "I do a lot of squats to help with keeping it up there, but there are little things where I'm like, argh."

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