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Ashley Roberts reveals pre-holiday detox

Ashley Roberts makes sure she cuts back on food and ups her exercise regime before she goes away on vacation.

The former Pussycat Doll has a background in dance, so has a naturally slim build. While she's not one to deprive herself of anything, Ashley does cut back on certain foods before she jets away.

"At least two weeks before a holiday I make sure I'm really strict on my diet. Working out four times a week pre-holiday is a must but diet is almost 80 per cent of it," Ashley told British magazine Now.

"I'll eat really clean and I'll avoid refined sugar and dairy and I don't eat a huge amount of meat any more - that's my choice. I get a lot of my protein from spirulina. You can pour a little bit in some orange juice."

While meat and dairy are out, alcohol is fine says Ashley. She's a regular at showbiz parties and likes to have a drink now and again, but advises to be mindful of what it is you're consuming.

"I do have alcohol but I avoid sugary drinks - I'll have vodka, soda and fresh lime as it's zero sugar and you can still have a good time," she explained.

The 32-year-old beauty, who has been linked to a string of desirable men in the past, isn't one for wearing heavy make-up during the day or while she's on vacation.

She always packs her favourite cosmetics when she holidays, including products from NARS, Maybelline and Sheer Cover Studio.

"Day to day I don't wear much, but I'll use a bit of my favourite mascara, which is Too Faced Better Than Sex - I live by that!" she laughed.

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