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Ashley Roberts reveals tanning regrets

Ashley Roberts would advise anyone to stay out of the sun.

The singer-and-dancer paraded around the stage looking bronzed and wearing skimpy outfits as part of The Pussycat Dolls.

As she was naturally fair skinned, Ashley resorted to fake tan, but these days the 31-year-old is more clued up about using the product.

“Years ago, when fake tan was first out, I’d have orange streaks down my legs or around my wrists. Not sexy. I’d get fake tan in my costumes. It was pretty disgusting,” she laughed to British magazine OK!

“I learnt to exfoliate, then I got good with a product and doing it myself, instead of having this thing squirt you down. It’s all about working in circular motions and exfoliating and using lotion around the wrists. James Harknett, the spray tan artist, has taught me a lot.”

While Ashley might love looking bronzed, she’s wary of sunbathing.

The blonde star strongly advises people to stay safe in warm temperatures.

“Yes, I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and my mom would put baby oil all over her for hours – she ended up having to have skin cancer removed from her face,” she shared.

“I’d sunbathe as a kid, but you really learn what sun damage does to your skin. It’s easy; get a moisturiser that has a sun protection factor in it and you’re done.”

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