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Ashley Tisdale touts ‘Hannibal Lecter’ face sheet mask

Ashley Tisdale discovered the benefits of the beauty product in the most unlikely way.

Ashley Tisdale fully endorses the use of sheet face masks, even though she resembles fictional cannibal Hannibal Lecter while wearing them.

The new beauty product, which is a medicated moist towelette with holes cut into it around the eyes, nose and lips, is the latest skincare craze and it's now offered by brands such as SK-II, Shiseido, and Olay.

Ashley came across the trend in a rather unique way, sharing her experience in a new post she wrote for website The Haute Mess.

"My latest beauty obsession is sheet face masks," she explained. "Me and my soul sister/makeup artist, Tonya Brewer, took a red eye flight to Florida once and thought it would be a good idea to wear the mask during the entire flight. We were like, ‘when we land we’ll have beautiful, glowing skin!’ Which was true!"

Although the pals got the results they were looking for, learning how to use face sheet masks produced some unexpected hilarious results.

At one point, Ashley resembled flesh-eating The Silence of the Lambs villain Hannibal Lecter while attempting to figure out how to properly apply the product to her face.

"What made it so funny was that I looked like Hannibal Lector (sic) with the mask on and Tonya just looked perfect - the way it shows you in the directions and packaging," she writes, noting at one point the pair found themselves "dying" with laughter over the beauty fiasco.

Ultimately, Ashley was satisfied with the "natural glow" her face had after using a face sheet mask, and she highly recommends others join in on the skincare trend to firm, brighten and hydrate.

The star offered some helpful tips to fans who are looking to get the greatest results from using the product.

"You can leave the sheet mask on for as long as you like," she advises. "When you remove it, leave the remaining serum on your skin and let your face soak in all the moisture. Look for products that are infused with collagen. This will give your skin elasticity, while renewing skin cells so you can look young forever (well, almost forever).

"Look out for masks with skin properties such as vitamin C. Over time and consistent use, those dark spots and hyper-pigmentation will disappear."

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