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Atwell has strong sense of style

Hayley Atwell used to wear "full-length velvet skirts" to her school discos.

The Captain America star is famed for her fashionable looks and rocked a quirky hat at the London Fashion Week Topshop Unique show earlier this month.

While many celebrities are happy for luxury labels dictate to what they wear, Hayley is strong minded when it comes to her looks.

"I don't want to be worn by a brand, I want to wear them myself," she firmly told British newspaper The Telegraph.

"I know my body better than anyone else and I'm very decisive."

Being comfortable with her sartorial choices has always been the case for Hayley.

The 31-year-old can remember turning up to school discos in ensembles that mystified her pals.

"All my friends were in cropped tops, short skirts and knee-high leather boots, but I rocked up in this full-length velvet skirt that I got from Portobello Market," she laughed.

"I was roasting, but I pretended I was completely fine! I wasn't very successful with the boys, but I loved it because it twirled nicely on the dance floor."

One of the perks for many stars is the freebies they receive from designers.

Hayley is cautious about the gifts she accepts and tries not to spend too much on clothes.

"I still want to have my own signature on the clothes I wear so I feel a little bit more in control. I accept things I actually like and would buy if I had the funds myself," she said of free hand-outs.

"[I'll splurge] once in a while, yes, but the rest of the time I will wait until I need something. I usually just shop at Topshop and River Island."

However, the actress will always make time for some serious accessories shopping.

"A friend gave me a good tip to always spend money and invest in shoes and bags. I've had an Alexa Mulberry black bag for a couple of years now that I can't get rid of; I love it so much," she revealed.

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