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Aubrey Peeples: I favour motorcycle chic

Nashville’s Aubrey Peeples thinks people will be surprised to hear her style isn’t girly.

The 20-year-old actress stars as Layla Grant alongside Hayden Panettiere on the hit country music show. She’s often sporting feminine frocks on screen, but her real-life style couldn’t be further from her character’s.

“I want to look like I’m getting off a motorcycle at all times,” she revealed to “People will probably be surprised by that because of the roles I’ve played on television and film, but I’m really not girly at all.”

It was recently announced that Aubrey will star in upcoming musical film Jem and the Holograms. She takes on the lead as Jerrica Benton/Jem but can’t say too much about what she’ll be wearing yet.

It’s based on ‘80s TV show Jem, in which the title character was known for her pink hair.

“I can’t say exactly what’s going on with our looks yet, but there’s definitely a lot of pink involved,” she divulged.

“A lot of the pieces were handmade from scratch vintage of the ‘70s and 80’s. There are so many amazing costumes.”

Aubrey added that she loves vintage clothing and favours T-shirts, leather jackets and combat boots.

She might be prepared for more girly outfits in Nashville, but she doesn’t know what the next episodes hold in terms of storyline.

“I can honestly tell you I have no clue what the writers are going to do. It’s a big cliffhanger and I’m just as excited as the fans of the show to find out what happens,” she enthused.

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