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Aubrey Plaza: 'I'm not adventurous with colour'

Aubrey Plaza cannot leave the house without mascara.

Actress Aubrey Plaza is afraid to stray from her typical colour palette when it comes to make-up.

The Dirty Grandpa star relies on warm shades, like bronze, when she's not on set, but she knows she can take things up a few notches if she really put her mind to it.

"My face can handle a lot of make-up, which is what people have told me over the years," she told Into The Gloss. "I think it means that when some people get their eye make-up done their eyes kind of disappear and their face feels heavy, but for me, I can just keep putting make-up on and it looks better rather than worse. So, I can handle serious eye make-up. I experiment with that on my own and I have fun.

"Only in the past year or two have I tried to put an eye shadow under my eyes, or something soft and smoky."

However, one tried and tested product the 31-year-old will always include in her routine is mascara, which she admits she has to have on "at all times".

"I feel naked without it when I leave the house," she confessed. "Trish McEvoy is my favorite right now - High Volume Mascara, Jet Black - I like this one and I don’t know why. Mascaras are so mysterious to me. I feel like they all work in different ways and then once you find one that you like you can’t live without it, but that one’s my jam right now."

Having to wear a lot of make-up for work means Aubrey does her best to keep things au naturale when she has time off, as well as maintaining a strict skincare regime to make sure she keeps blemishes at bay.

"At night, I have to wash my face - I have to! If I don't take my make-up off, I'll break out like crazy," she said. "One thing that I’m always in search of is the best make-up remover. I think the best one is the Cleansing Spa Water by Koh Gen Do. That one gets everything off."

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