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Audrey Hepburn 'worked with camera'

Audrey Hepburn "totally worked with the camera" when celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland shot her.

The legendary Hollywood actress is regarded as one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen and her iconic movie looks often still have an impact on fashion and style.

Celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland, who also shot the famous photos of Marilyn Monroe in bed covered with only a white sheet, managed to capture one of his all-time favourite shots when working with Audrey on her 1966 movie How to Steal A Million.

"I was comparatively young , but I was sort of late in the cycle. So many people had worked with her before, from Richard Avedon to Irving Penn. But it was like I was the first person to ever work with her. She had energy, she had joy, she totally worked with the camera," he recalled to

Douglas spent a lot of time with Audrey in the French capital and found her to be the perfect subject for his photos. To get the best out of his leading lady he'd asked Audrey to be more relaxed and she was only too happy to oblige.

"I just said to Audrey, 'Let's be a little more playful here'. I said, 'Throw your eyes to the side,' I didn't have to say anymore than that. She did with a big perfect smile. Click. That was how that image happened. It's probably one of my favourite of my career, period," Douglas remembered fondly.

The pair formed an easy bond, which Douglas still cherishes. In a time before paparazzi hounded celebrities, they were able to capture natural shots without the intrusion of outsiders.

"Because she was so delightful, we'd walk around Paris together. In those days - this was before paparazzi had arrived - there was a custom in France that you should not bother celebrities. We would sit and have a coffee, and sometimes I'd pick up my camera and take a picture or two.

"Most of the time, we'd talk. I felt I was in some peculiar way almost re-living Fred Astaire's role in Funny Face. I was the guy from New York, and Audrey was Audrey. She was really delightful. She laughed easily," he reminisced.

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