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Avril Lavigne: Men need my varnish

Avril Lavigne wants a male "rock and roll" legend to don her nail polish strips.

The 27-year-old songstress has created a limited edition collection for the beauty giant Sally Hansen. It includes 12 designs of nail polish strips which are inspired by Avril's signature grungy style.

With males such as Johnny Depp experimenting with nail colour, the stunning singer is keen to get men involved in wearing her talon designs.

"Someone in rock and roll," she said when asked what type of gentleman she'd like to see in her collection. "I'm not going to give a name because that might be weird. I've definitely painted Take the Stage [a shiny black] on some of the male band members."

Avril loves the easy application process of the nail strips. The Canadian star's hectic schedule often leaves little time for pampering.

"Some people find it relaxing to get manicures, but I don't have the patience or time to sit and get my nails done with actual polish these days. And now that these exist, I never get polish done anymore," she told Stylist.

"I put them on in the car, on the plane or while I'm in the studio.

"If I ever have one left over and there's a guy hanging around, I'm like, 'Can I put it on your pinky finger?' They don't care but once they see the final product, they're like 'Wow, that's awesome!'"


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