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Barrymore’s ‘cake face’ fears

Drew Barrymore only uses one "pump" of foundation.

The actress has the Flower Beauty company, which offers a variety of cosmetics.

To help her fans look as flawless as she does, she often lets them behind the scenes of her make-up and skincare routine.

Now the star, who is pregnant with her second child, has revealed what she looks like without any cosmetics and how she applies her "face" in the mornings.

“One pump is all you need,” she advised. “That takes the fear out of oh my god I don’t want to look like a cake face!”

She might look amazing on the red carpet, but even Drew isn't immune to problem skin.

Using the Skincognito thick concealer works on any blemishes she has.

“Today nature has brought me a spot on the side of my mouth,” she quipped as she applied the product on video for her fans.

During the winter skin can look a little dry, so Drew likes to use moisturiser before applying her base.

“I find this gives you a dewy glow in itself,” she revealed.

One of the reason Drew's look works so well is because it is fresh faced and natural.

The star doesn't want people to know she has used foundation, so shared a clever tip with her viewers.

“Always take a little make-up wipe and take [the excess base] off your lips,” she said.

“That’s, like, a telltale sign to people that you are wearing foundation.”

She also told fans they should apply their base with little taps of the finger for that seamless, glowing finish.

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