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Barton: Cosmetic surgery is strange

Mischa Barton finds cosmetic surgery strange, but doesn’t judge those who have been under the knife.

Over the years the former The OC star has been scrutinised in the press about her appearance.

But the media attention doesn’t mean the 27-year-old is ready to do anything drastic to her looks.

“Surprisingly I really have no interest in it [cosmetic surgery],” she told Britain’s Star magazine.

“It’s something I find a little bit strange about modern society,” she added.

But while the actress has firm views on cosmetic procedures now, things could change in the future.

Mischa revealed that fellow actors in Hollywood regularly tell her not to judge if people make that choice.

“I’m always getting told by older actors not to judge until you get to a certain age as you might want to do it,” she explained.

“Like anything in life, I try to keep an open mind.”

While Mischa is a woman often admired by other females she admits that she doesn’t obsess about other actresses in Hollywood.

The actress, who has dated fellow actor Jamie Dornan and singer Cisco Adler in the past, chooses to admire other women based on their merits instead.

“I don’t obsess over anybody in our current society’s taste in fashion,” she explained.

“I don’t obsess over women’s bodies, I don’t look at women like that. I look at women based on their merits,” Mischa added.

However there is one woman who Mischa admired when she was growing up.

The actress admits she was obsessed with Kate Moss during the 1990s.

“When I was growing up, I had a Kate Moss infatuation because she changed the 1990s – the era I grew up in,” she explained.

“She [brought about] a huge cultural change in women.”

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