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Beauty queen Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola has a "trunk full of beauty products" in her home.

The 43-year-old is best known as a producer, screenwriter and director, and won an Oscar for her work on Lost in Translation. But despite her success, Sofia seems to have her eye on a different career entirely.

"I have this trunk full of products at home - I mean, it's a trunk!" she laughed to Lucky magazine. "It's like my own beauty closet; I'm kind of a closet beauty editor."

Sofia's love of cosmetics has led to an ongoing collaboration with designer Marc Jacobs. The two have come together to work on a new perfume, Daisy Dream. For Sofia, fragrance is something she has always loved.

"Chanel Cristalle, when I was 15," she replied when asked what her first foray into perfume was. "I remember thinking it was so glamorous. Perfume and having a collection of perfumes was very important to me when I was 15."

For the daughter of famous filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, the whole process of getting ready is something that still excites her.

"I love the ritual, having things out on a vanity, choosing what you're going to wear, putting on a scent," she explained. "It's such a luxury, taking the time to enjoy the getting ready part. I love the idea of the sun setting, maybe you have a cocktail, and you're just relaxed, indulging a little."

Sofia and Marc are in complete unison when it comes to the significance of perfume.

"Choosing a scent helps a person become who they want to be," he said. "Just like clothes, fragrance is about self-creation. There's always that difference, between what you show and who you are."

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