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Beckham 'faces bunions op'

Victoria Beckham is reportedly considering having operations on her bunions.

The fashion designer is renowned for her love of high heels and even wore wedge sneakers when she was invited to pitch, to open a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game in 2007.

However, her devotion to fashionable footwear is doing her no favours and she is known to suffer from serious bunions. These affect the joints of her big toes and could mean a real change to her wardrobe in the future.

"Vic's been advised that her treatment must be done on both feet ASAP, otherwise, in less than two years, it could cause serious problems," an insider told British magazine Heat.

"She's been told that if she allows her bunions to get worse, she may never be able to wear heels again."

Sufferers can have an operation on one foot at a time, after which they need to rest and not move around for several days. They then slip on an oversized shoe to protect the toe while healing, and have to wear flat shoes - perhaps for six months.

Although the thought of ditching her heels is filling Victoria with horror, she is apparently realising she needs to do something about the situation.

"She's relenting and saying she would be swayed to do it this winter. At least at that time of year, it's easier to keep her feet under wraps and wear flats," the insider said.

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