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Sunday 20 April 2014

Belfast Fashion spy: Molly King has a classic but feminine style but Tulisa is chavvy

Kerry McKittrick checks out the style in Victoria Square, Belfast.

Christine Armstrong (24), PR executive, Belfast, says Molly King from The Saturdays has a classic but feminine style.
Christine Armstrong (24), PR executive, Belfast, says Molly King from The Saturdays has a classic but feminine style.

Christine Armstrong (24), PR executive, Belfast

Wore what? Coat, £40, Primark; blouse, £28, Topshop; leggings, £20, River Island; boots, £120, House of Fraser; bag, £60, Zara.

Why? My style changes depending on my mood. It's probably classic but girly. I don't like it when people wear clothes that are too tight -- I don't mind what size a dress is, as long as it fits.

Who? I love Molly King from The Saturdays as she has a classic but feminine style. I don't have much time for chavvy styles like Tulisa's.

* Monthly spend £200

Holly McCusker (19), student, Belfast

Wore what? Coat, £110, Topshop; dress, £20, H&M; bag, £25, Accessorize; shoes, £30, New Look.

Why? I like colour and I'm very girly, so I wear lots of dresses. Thing like trainers with heels just make your feet look really chunky, though.

Who? I like Dannii Minogue's style, as she likes block colour and dresses, but Nikki Minaj takes colour too far with lots of neon.

* Monthly spend £50

Rachael Westwood (22), student, Nottingham

Wore what? Coat, £15, shirt, £15, jeans, £15 all from New Look; boots, £20, Asda; bag £8, Primark.

Why? I like shirts and jeans with leather jackets, so I'm not particularly girly. I don't like anything too pink or glittery, or anything with diamante.

Who? Kate Moss and Kate Middleton have nice, classic styles. I don't like how Rihanna dresses, though -- she shows too much flesh, and I'm not a fan of that.

* Monthly spend £100-150

Samantha Seaton (21), paediatric nurse, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £50, Superdry; jumper, £18, Tesco; disco pants, £25, New Look; boots, £20, Primark; scarf, £10, Next; bag, present.

Why? My style is a bit rock chick so I go for leggings and jeans a lot. I don't like floral print tops or trousers.

Who? I like what Fearne Cotton wears as long as it's not too girly. Cheryl Cole is too over-dressed for my taste.

* Monthly spend £100

Melissa Copeland (23), nursery assistant, Belfast

Wore what? Hat, £8, Dunnes Stores; coat, £50, Next; top, £10, H&M; skirt, £10, Exhibit; shoes £17, River Island.

Why? I go for a vintage style with bright colours and I'm not afraid to be a little different. I don't wear anything that's too short or revealing.

Who? Alexa Chung has a nice vintage style but Lady Gaga is too out there for my taste. She takes 'different' to another level!

* Monthly spend £200


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