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Bella Thorne: I’m a lazy dresser

Bella Thorne says trying on clothes will be “the death of me”, because she’s so lazy.

The former Disney star has made a name for herself as a fashionista over the past few years thanks to her flawless style choices.

But Bella, 17, says that while she might look good, she hates the process of getting ready for public events.

Asked how she was preparing for her upcoming promo tour for new movie The DUFF, Bella told Grazia Daily: “I don't get that excited, just because I don't like trying on clothes. I love shoes and I love purses, but trying on clothes will be the death of me. I'm so lazy I don't like putting my hands over my head, that's the really biggest problem!”

Bella added that she tries to have as few fittings as possible to avoid the process of having to try on clothes.

The redheaded star is a natural when she poses for photographers on the red carpet.

And Bella says that despite her tender age, she doesn’t find herself getting nervous about the prospect of a red carpet appearance.

“I don't get nervous because I've done quite a few of them,” she said. “But it's always different every carpet you step on and especially when it's your own movie it's nervous and exciting."

In film The DUFF, Bella stars as her high school’s meanest girl with a DUFF (designated ugly fat friend).

Bella added in the interview that being a baddie was a new experience for her.

“It was definitely interesting,” she said. “It's hard because I love making people laugh and that's what I want to do every day, I love making people smile. Being the only character in the film that doesn't do that and isn't funny, was a little tough.”

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