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Bella Thorne: I'm Converse queen

Bella Thorne still remembers the reactions one of the dresses she wore to prom got.

The star may be only 17 years old but she's already considered a style icon with her edgy aesthetic.

Rather than dress feminine on a day-to-day basis, Bella prefers to keep things basic.

"I'm not a fancy dresser. I like my jeans and my T-shirts and there's a lot of Converse in my wardrobe," she told ASOS magazine.

"[At high school events I wore] a green dress, short in the front, long at the back, which was great because I could dance and make a statement. Everyone stared at me and my friend because we were the only ones in actual prom gowns."

Another area of envy is Bella's strawberry blonde locks, which she often wears down and wavy to give full impact. To keep her tresses in top condition the actress uses Neutrogena Triple Moisture shampoo and conditioner.

With such a hectic schedule - she's currently promoting her new movie The DUFF - the actress is constantly on the go. This means she's managed to form a fashion friendly flight wardrobe.

"You know you’re always getting photographed when you get on a plane. That’s a given. So when I fly, it’s leather jeans, a tank top, a leather jacket, boots, my Alexander Wang bag, and a flannel," she recently shared to Yahoo! Style. "You have to layer because - well, I do, because I’m freezing all the time. I have a blanket, a jacket, a sweater, I’m always still cold! But luckily, the layering also looks cool."

Bella doesn't always rock stylish layers though and previously admitted to having "ugly sweater parties" at her house when the festive season rolls in.

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