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Bella Thorne: Ugly sweaters are fun

Bella Thorne will be wearing hideous knitwear throughout the festive season.

The 17-year-old star is known for her love of all things glam and is often spotted on the red carpet in tiny glitzy dresses. Fans probably assume she has a whole stash of sequinned pieces for the festive season - but they couldn't be more wrong.

"We have ugly sweater parties in my house, and I have this long sweater that I wear with stockings and boots," she giggled to Teen Vogue. "It's literally three dimensional because it has all these different presents glued on to it."

And those hoping to get some tips for glamming up over the holidays will be sorely disappointed by Bella. The singer-actress-and-author insists it's all about keeping warm.

"You don't have to do that much dressing up on holidays, I think it's more about being cosy," she explained. "But you can still look fabulous in an ugly sweater, baby."

But luckily Bella did have some advice when it comes to picking the perfect piece of knitwear. She pairs her sweaters with black leather jeans and boots, insisting it works for both formal and casual occasions.

"My favourite colours this season are mustard yellow, vampy reds, and olive greens. They all look good on redheads so I stick with them," she shared.

Despite her relaxed attitude to winter fashion, Bella has previously been picked to model for prom dress brand Sherri Hill. She thinks the school dance is a perfect occasion to pull out all the stops.

"Make sure it fits you beautifully. If it's a gown for an important occasion, spend a little money on a tailor. You could be wearing the most beautiful dress in the world, but if it doesn't fit your body type perfectly, it won't look good. However, put on a sack of potatoes that's fitted, and you'll look like a million bucks," she advised.

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