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Berenice Bejo: Glamour isn't important

Bérénice Bejo refuses to dress up to go to the supermarket.

The Artist actress has two young children with director partner Michel Hazanavicius, who also has two daughters from a previous relationship. Bérénice is too busy with her family to worry about what she looks like when she walks out the door.

"Every other week, there are four children in the house," she told WWD.

"I have a dog, and I'm pretty active, so being glamorous in everyday life, for going to the supermarket or to school, is not what's most important."

However Bérénice likes to look her best at red carpet events. She describes her style as classic and simple.

"But when you're promoting a film, with the race for the Oscars, it's important as an actress to play the game, and that consists of having an image and working on it," she said.

Bérénice is currently contemplating what to wear to the Cannes International Film Festival in May. It is rumoured she be named master of ceremonies for the opening and closing of the festival.

"I know now that I have to prepare in advance," she said, laughing before revealing she was not prepared for the media attention surrounding the success of The Artist.

Bérénice is currently filming an adaption of Daniel Pennac's novel Au Bonheur des Ogres (The Scapegoat). The 35-year-old beauty can relate to her character Tante Julia's sense of style.

"She is a character that has travelled a lot and wears lots of accessories, three or four necklaces, earrings, things in her hair. It's part of the character, but it's the first time I have played such a role," she said. "Costume is not the most important part of a role for me, it's an accessory."


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