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Beth Ditto admires 80s icons

Beth Ditto says the "powerful visuals" of 80s pop icons' beauty stayed with her after they were banned in her home state.

The eccentric singer is famed for her head-turning fashion and beauty, and cites Priscilla Presley and Madonna as her style icons.

Beth says her childhood heroes inspired her to be creative with her look - something that stayed with her until later on in life.

"I really like make-up and I really like hair. I love it, actually. I could talk about it for hours. When I was little I would teach myself to French braid and sit there for hours, singing and French braiding. Being a child of the Eighties was amazing - Thriller came out, Like A Virgin came out - all of those albums were new. MTV was new," she revealed in an interview with Stylist magazine.

"I loved the way Priscilla Presley looked, I thought she was incredible. And Madonna's mole - I thought it was fascinating that you could just draw on a mole! Then, around '86 my hometown - Searcy, Arkansas - outlawed MTV so those images of pop culture are what stuck in my head. It was like being on a desert island, shipwrecked with those people. They're powerful visuals, so I feel lucky for that in a weird way."

Beth is collaborating with beauty brand MAC on a limited edition collection. The star is inspired by fellow celebrities who don't conform to current trends.

"I feel really proud of people like La Roux and Tilda Swinton - people who have really made a look work for them that's more about who they are and isn't so gender focused," she gushed.

"I love Adele so much, and it's honestly not because we're both big, I love that she's a f**king singer and that she just so happens to be beautiful. It gives me chills to think about it."

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