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Beth Ditto: I never want to be slim

Beth Ditto says losing weight when she was ill has put her off being thin for life.

The Gossip star is famed for shunning the stereotypically slim ideal that is associated with modern pop stars. The curvaceous singer says the memory of losing weight through sickness when she was younger has always stuck with her.

Beth believes she will remain as a larger lady forever as a result of her association with weight loss and being miserable.

"As a teenager I got sick one time and lost a lot of weight," Beth explained to German publication Ticket. "I was very unhappy and I think this combination got stuck in my mind."

The eccentric singer is known for her loud and proud attitude. The 31-year-old star is not ashamed of what she looks like or who she is. Beth says she is thankful she is loved which is all she needs to inspire her to be so self-assured.

"I always have been a loud, almost ridiculously confident person," Beth gushed. "I love myself, I'm loved by others, I accept myself and don't want another body."

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