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Betsey Johnson loves 'silly' designing

Betsey Johnson loves doing "cornball, silly" things.

The fashion designer is known for her love of colour and over-the-top personality. She tries to bring those traits to everything she does, no matter how serious she is.

Betsey has a long-running relationship with The Plaza Hotel in New York. She's designed a suite for the establishment and recently attended the lighting of the Christmas tree - which she created - and a tea party there, both in her honour.

"Oh, the relationship we have with The Plaza it's relationship heaven," she said. "I love when I do cornball silly things, you know, but I love it more when I have to go through huge corporate structures and they have to take a gamble on me."

Betsey created the Eloise suite for The Plaza Hotel. The lavish area boasts a neon sign and pink sparkly headboard, and will set guests back $1,125 a night. It's based on the fictional character of six-year-old Eloise who was made famous by a series of books published from 1955. She lived in the upper area of The Plaza Hotel and Betsey imagined what she would want when coming up with the décor.

This year's Christmas tree is also an ode to Eloise, featuring pink tulle, animal ornaments and ones which look like glitter lipsticks.

"Now I'm hoping that they'll [the hotel] do my last - not last - my last public Super Bowl of birthdays, which will be my 70th birthday next August. I want them to throw me a party in this magnificent ballroom they have back there," the designer told WWD.

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