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Beyoncé nail line for all girls

Beyoncé Knowles' has launched a nail range with her manicurist Lisa Logan and beauty company NCLA.

The 33-year-old singer has teamed up with her manicurist Lisa Logan and beauty company NCLA to create her own range of designs, titled NCLA for BEYONCÉ Nail Wrap Collection. Each of the nails are influenced by her various music videos or one of her many big performances.

One set is titled Je Ne Sais Quoi and is named after a lyric from the singer's track Blow. The nails feature neon lines, reflecting the bright lights in the music video of the track.

“When the graphic designers brought this to the table, it was like, wow! It looks as if they’re lit up on the nail,” Lisa smiled to People. “It’s just enough of a pop of colour.”

Another range, I Come With A Side Of Trouble, is monochrome and completed with a pop of what is thought to be Beyoncé’s own handwriting. They're a tribute to her entire self-titled, featuring lyrics from the entire track list with lines such as 'H-Town Vicious' from Bow Down.

“I’m just as big a fan as anyone and you can’t just choose one song," Lisa added. “You can feel like you’re being a bad girl with the black nails or do the white side and be an angel. You can mix and match it. You may as well give the fans everything!”

Then there's No Rest In The Kingdom, with jewel tones and a fishnet print resonant of the Tom Ford look the musician wore during her 2014 MTV VMA Video Vanguard performance in August.

“I saw that outfit in person and it’s breathtaking,” Lisa recalled. “These nail wraps actually have a texture to them. You can feel the bumps, each colour is a stone. You don’t lose how powerful the outfit was.”

And finally there's I Woke Up Like This, the famous lyric from Flawless, finished with bold plaid designs. The pattern featured in the black and white video for the track.

“I think you pull something that’s memorable from each video. The cool thing is everyone remembers the plaid and the denim shorts. It goes hand in hand with the video," Lisa noted.

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