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Beyoncé wanted 'Grammys nude look'

Beyoncé Knowles' Grammy dress designer says creating her gown was a dream come true.

Michael Costello designed the singer's gorgeous white lace floor-length dress and the garment is especially exclusive.

Michael pulled from his "secret stash" in order to fulfil Beyoncé's stylish desires.

"About two weeks ago, I was at a Golden Globes after-party hosted by [P.] Diddy and Beyoncé's stylist, Ty Hunter, was there and he told me he wanted to come and see me for [the] Grammys," he told InStyle magazine.

"When he came in, he saw a few options that he liked, but he said he wanted to do something 'naked.' So that's when we hit up the secret stash. A collection of dresses that we keep hidden upstairs."

Despite the dress being only partially put together, Ty immediately knew that Beyoncé would love it. The designer created the entirely hand-sewn gown out of three different fabrics.

"It's almost paper thin and you can't even tell it's fabric - it looks like the lace is just floating on the body," Michael said. "The sleeves have delicate flowers that cascade down one arm and into the other arm, and the back has this really beautiful square cut out. It's an asymmetrical mermaid silhouette on the bottom."

When he saw Beyoncé wearing the dress at the awards show, Michael admits he was overcome with emotion. The designer says the whole experience was one of the high points of his career.

"I started bawling! It's one thing when you dress somebody who's an A-list celebrity, but it's a completely different thing when you're such a huge fan. She wore my dress when she could have worn anybody else's dress in the world. That moment; I'm still living it," he gushed.

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